Mick Barr (US)

  • concert
  • when: 06/10/2019 (Saturday), at: 19:00
  • where: SPATiF
  • tickets: 35/40 pln

Mick Barr is a NYC based experimental metal guitarist and composer who straddles the worlds of metal, free improvisation, and contemporary classical, with his intricate, and angular playing style. Barr builds jarring yet trance like forms out of his architectural shredding. Piercing notes vibrate with intensity, as Mick’s hands merge with the guitar. An uncanny attention to detail both challenges & enthralls as brutality becomes beauty. Know for his work with American black metal band Krallice, as well as an extensive collaborative and solo practice that has seen the release of over 100 recordings, Barr is an integral piece of the contemporary avant-garde scene.