• live
  • when: 04/10/2019 (Thursday), at: 22:50
  • where: Centrum Praskie Koneser
  • tickets: 35/45 pln

French producer, co-founder and co-curator of NUXXE Records, permanent resident of NTS Radio coucou chloe’s breakneck club creations consist of ice bass, modulated vocals and whispers. On her debut Halo EP, released on Creamcake, she adds exhausting heights with opera arias into club scenery, yet still preserves the economical and ascetic tone. The self-titled Erica Jane EP has a tendency towards slower BPMs, a sensual take on beats, and a gimmick inspired by the native trap scene. coucou turns her vocals into practically blase rap marmurs, that have now become her trademark.