TEYAS (WIDT & Christoph de Babalon) (PL/DE)

  • live
  • when: 30/09/2019 (Monday), at: 21:15
  • where: TR Warszawa
  • tickets: 30/40 pln

A unique audio-visual cooperative between Warsaw based sister duo WIDT and the legendary Berlin breakbeat producer, Christoph de Babalon. This improvisational project is a result of the commissioned work for the Easterndaze x Berlin festival (2016) followed by the album TEYAS, an abstract opera, where every single track becomes a scene. A live drama with vocals in a non-existent language by Antonina Nowacka, Babalon’s abstract improvised electronic with delicate visuals of Bogumiła Piotrowska oscilate between the realia of a concert, performance, sound and video art, that floats over the entire stage, creating an outworldly experience.