Lotic [US]

  • live
  • when: 05/10/2018 (Friday), at: 22:40
  • where: Centrum Praskie Koneser
  • tickets: 35/45 pln

Lotic is DJ and producer J’Kerian Morgan. Raised in Houston, Texas, they studied electronic music composition and saxophone at university before moving to Berlin in 2012, where they helped form the city’s famed Janus collective. In recent years Lotic have evolved into one of Berlin’s most original voices of avantgarde club music. The event that allowed them to develop the apocalyptic alloy of destructive bits and warped experimental electronics was the release of the mini-album Heterocetera in 2015. At the Avant Art festival, we will hear music from the debut album Power, released in July 2018 by Tri Angle Records, whose starting point is the search for methods of expressing and experiencing power.