Avant Art Foundation

In its assumption, the foundation was devised and created to carry out the Avant Art Festival project, however currently in the context of dynamics and the development it supports not only the festival, but also creates other multi-disciplinary activities connected with performative art. We are still obliged by the artistic attitude “in between”.

The main aim of the Avant Art Foundation’s strategy in the next few years is the continuation of changes in character and form of the activities carried out within its limits. Thus, currently the project of the foundation and our strategy concerning thinking about Culture includes creating and shaping a space intended for an all-year-long artistic, curator, educational and social activity, connected with running workshops and trainings as a part of cyclical projects and the projects themselves.
Carrying out co-production activities is also very important in the strategy of the foundation.

These dynamic changes and transformations in the thinking about the foundation, are also supposed to serve the production of numerous artistic events in co-operation with diverse artists or organisations. According to out conception, the Avant Art Foundation is supposed to become a liberator of contacts and inter-disciplinary activities, thus becoming a base for innovative artistic endeavours. Artists are and will be invited, in order to present their previous projects, but new creations understood as “continuations” and “combinations” are as important; i.e. activities concerned with the work of artists, who will be presented as a part of different programmes.

Furthermore, a very important intention of the Avant Art Foundation is more and more frequently the role of initiating educational and social activities, such as cultural education and the acquisition of local societies, which will be possible not only as a part of the Avant Art Festival, but above all in co-operation with the artists, curators and other institutions or organizations related to Culture.

Thanks to its activities, the Avant Art Foundation is intended to become “a living artistic organism”. The programme of the foundation’s activities is supposed to be a result of constant partnership contacts between artists, managers and curators from all around Europe, as well as a result of a year-long work on the projects carried out as a part of the foundations actions. It is aimed at becoming a “place” combining, within the limits of co-productions, activities of not only local or nation reach, but first of all of international reach.

The planned productions, budgeting system and promotion strategy will allow the functioning of the foundation as a modern culture institution, retaining full autonomy and independence.