2. edition Warszawa  01.10- 07.10 2018

Another edition of AAF and the next motto of the festival? This year we are entirely focused on the musical and film message as consistent and expanding the room for maneuver and selection as possible. Without unnecessary compromises, we present artists and phenomena growing out of the underground trunk with all its kaleidoscopic color. In the program, you will find by yourself or with our help traces of punk, industrial, improv/jazz and beat, giving a refreshing mixture of sounds in the face of industrial culture.

In the Warsaw program of this year’s AAF edition, a large group of artists from the USA: the long-awaited Wolf Eyes, Rob Mazurek with his impressions, an extraordinary Moor Mother with a full poetic catharsis and perhaps the biggest festival star – improv-power-trio SFD (Colin Stetson, Greg Fox, Trevor Dunn), musicians known for such projects as: EX EYE, Arcade Fire, Liturgy, Melvins or Fantomas. Between them, emotional We Will Fail with technical emanations from her new album, Nagrobki will join forces with the Dada von Bzdülöw Theater in the “Intro” performance, and Gazelle Twin in the “Kingdom Come” project will present a performative analysis of the numerous perforations of today’s reality. Dance and technical charms will be ensured by Lotic, errorsmith and Yves Tumor. The culmination of the festival will be the triumphant return of Mick Harris (Napalm Death, Scorn, Painkiller) with his technoid soundtrack full of references to the devastation of modern civilization.

2. edition of AVANT ART FILM:

This year’s film program will focus on a deeper, biographical analysis of several phenomena (current and temporal distant), which, through their expression, energy value, attitude, have translated into the shape of a counter-culture.