• concert
  • when: 28/09/2018 (Friday), at: 21:00
  • where: Impart
  • tickets: 40/50 pln

LOTTO is an instrumental trio — Łukasz Rychlicki on electric guitar, Mike Majkowski on double bass, and Paweł Szpura on drums — together they explore the limits of music genres such as improv, country, noise, and minimalism, creating music that is both hypnotising and moving. Their debut album Ask the Dust was released at the end of 2014 by Lado ABC. The second album Lotto was released in April 2016 by the Instant Classic label and was very well-received by critics. Their accolades include: Elite Feline was chosen as the record of the year by Gazeta Wyborcza and in a poll organized by the beehype website, in which dozens of journalists also participated. Most of the rankings had the album high on the list, e.g. Nowa Muzyka, Noise Magazine, listeners of the HCH broadcast, JazzSoul, Polityka, Kinkyowl, Polifonia, Gazeta Magnetofonowa. The band’s third album, entitled VV, was released in October 2017, also by Instant Classic. The music included on this album guides the band into new areas, and the instruments have also changed. The band often uses the sound of two bass guitars, and also gave up using the double bass.