11. editionWroclaw  24.09- 30.09 2018

Another edition of AAF and the next motto of the festival? This year we are entirely focused on the musical and film message as consistent and expanding the room for maneuver and selection as possible. Without unnecessary compromises, we present artists and phenomena growing out of the underground trunk with all its kaleidoscopic color. In the program, you will find by yourself or with our help traces of punk, industrial, improv/jazz and beat, giving a refreshing mixture of sounds in the face of industrial culture

This year in Wroclaw you will experience a sonic attack on the dance-shamanic dimension in the performance of the BNNT and Mats Gustafsson (The Thing). For this artists with very successful albums, recorded high in the 2017 album ranking, among others through The Wire – we will see and hear the Egyptian singer Nadah El Shazly ندى الشاذلي and Hungarian guitarist Gosheven, with music full of drone-ambient preparations, modular-synth sounds will be proposed by Berlin Driftmachine, and the correlate of noise diazomethane with beat impulsion will be presented by Giant Swan.
The lineup is also joined by the long-awaited in Wroclaw, the Emptyset with its electro-vivisection and the Warsaw-Gdansk trio LOTTO.

7. edition of AVANT ART FILM:

This year’s film program will focus on a deeper, biographical analysis of several phenomena (current and temporal distant), which, through their expression, energy value, attitude, have translated into the shape of a counter-culture.