DJ Morgiana / Karolina Karnacewicz (PL)

  • live
  • when: 28/09/2019 (Saturday), at: 21:50
  • where: Firlej
  • tickets: 20/30 pln

Morgiana Hz thinks of music as vibrations and sees sounds as waves of colors. To fully conduct hir hybrid live sets she combines the binaural field recordings, turntables, contact microphones, sensors, accelerometers and crystal scanning with the use of extended vocal techniques and unconventional sounds produced with her vocal cords and larynx. In addition to hir natural synthesizers and performative installations ze experiments with geometrical dance figures.
Morgiana’s Hz tracks resonate with the heart of the earth and are based on Pythagorean 436 hz tuning. They focus on energetic programming of intentions, which the artist practices not only in music. Morgiana Hz is a part of SHAPE Platform, and has previously performed at such festivals as Nyege Nyege and CTM.