Kouhei Matsunaga (JP)

  • live
  • when: 25/09/2019 (Wednesday), at: 20:00
  • where: Impart
  • tickets: 15/25 pln

Kouhei Matsunaga is a sound artist and illustrator born in Osaka. His musical activity covers a wide and diverse sound spectrum: from noise to glitch, hip-hop or techno. He published in many recognized and respected labels: Raster Noton, Mille Plateaux, Skam Records, PAN, Diagonal. He collaborated with many artists such as: rapper Sensational, Sean Booth from Autechre, Conrad Schnitzler, Merzbow, Asmus Tietchens.

The concert is a part of Wroclaw meets Japan 2019 project, supported by EU Japan Fest.