Space For Culture


The Space for Culture Platform is a cultural venture that consists of:

  1. online portal dedicated to users from the whole Europe,
  2. space for artistic residencies, workshops and trainings,
  3. research and education activities.

The Space for Culture Platform is a multi-dimensional and multi-functional online portal dedicated to artists, curators, managers and producers, as well as organisations and institutions fundraising culture across Europe.

The Platform is aimed at the integration of artists, NGOs and public institutions, obligatory for producing cultural projects, expanding the accessibility and range of audience in culture as well as better responding to changes in their behavior and expectations. Its main task is also a communication and education in the field of designing, budgeting, production and promotion of art projects, especially at an international level. A base of artists, institutions, grants, projects and a user system supported by Space for Culture tutors and curators will be created as part of the Platform, which will make the creation of artistic residencies network in Wroclaw possible. Functioning of the portal will also enable establishing in Wroclaw professional space for residencies and workshops, created especially for the Space for Culture artistic residencies network.

The priority of the Platform is to create a database profiled for an individual user needs. The second major assumption of the Platform is to provide a particular support for the artists and small organisations in access to knowledge, funds and implementation of the projects.


Other important function of the Platform will be to create a residency program and a system of tutors and curators to support directly activities of its users. Residencies implemented by the Avant Art Foundation on the basis of the portal will literally provide a space for culture, a place where it will be possible to organise meetings, workshops and courses followed by concerts, performances and exhibitions. All these activities aim to support artists, curators, animators and cultural managers, to increase their competences and to exchange experiences and develop new projects, especially these with an international and interdisciplinary character. Starting artistic residencies – by establishing cooperation with local, national and international partners – has to trigger the need for participants in their joint creation of a new artistic reality, but also to affect the equalization of opportunities in the process of building and project implementation.


The user of the Space for Culture Platform may be only a person or institution related professionally to arts and culture. Members share their professional images, take interactions in the network, exchange knowledge and professional details and are finding funding and implementation opportunities for their projects. Availability of resources of the Platform will depend on individual user’s activity.

People and institutions that are not users of the Platform will have access to the observatory of the current situation and achievements of the cultural and creative industries in Europe, cultural events calendar as well as artistic collections prepared by the users presenting their art, accomplishments and projects, etc. This limit of user’s access to resources and functioning of the Platform stems from business strategy adopted by the developers of the Space for Culture Platform.

The basic premise of the Platform is to create a professional online tool where users co-create the portal resources and they are not interested only in consumption of available information and knowledge, but above all, in creative functioning in the framework of this space. Users who will generate a network of connections between themselves and other artists and institutions, which is crucial in the strategy of Platform’s functioning, will gain clear benefits arising from their activity. Therefore, the Platform will have the character and form of a social networking site in its most capacity and meaning.

Each of the portal’s users will have access to a suitably profiled sections: Projects, Grants, Organisations and Educational Programmes. The system will encourage users to enter information about projects implemented in the past, grants awarded, organisations and users with whom they worked or currently cooperate in order to build professional image, as well as gaining access to a wider content area. This will allow to build the system resources and accumulation of knowledge in the purpose of matching content to the needs and users interest, creating unique in Poland or even in Europe, integrated system of connections, research and selection of information in the cultural sector.

An important function of the Platform will be a creation of the system of tutors and curators supporting directly activities of its users. For this purpose, system of administrators will communicate all received information concerning the projects and persons or institutions participating in them.