4. edition Warsaw 30.09-05.10 2020

Avant Art Festival has been presenting artists from the avant-garde music, noise and experimental electronics scenes since 2008 – for twelve years in Wrocław and four years in Warsaw.
Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we have taken steps to ensure that this year’s festival would help Polish artists who have found themselves in a problematic concert situation and for cultural partici-pants who are longing for musical events. Together with this year’s partners: Pardon, To Tu, TR Warszawa, Komuna Warszawa, Spatif, Pogłos, Impart, Stary Klasztor and Czasoprzestrzeń, we will make sure that the events are safe for artists, curators and all the guests. We will record all the con-certs, and after processing, you will be able to watch them on a dedicated platform.
Avant Art 2020 is: two cities, 8 partner locations, 13 days and 27 music projects of Polish inde-pendent scene.
Program: 1988, BNNT, CEL (Hubert Zemler / Felix Kubin), Diabelskie Skrzypce, Dynasonic, En-chanted Hunters, Jacaszek / Podpora / Kohyt, Jerzy Mazzoll & Jerzy Przeździecki, Jesień, Joanna John + Artur Rumiński, Julek Ploski, Lotto, Mentos Gulgendo (WIDT), Mike Majkowski, Naked, Nutmeg Trio (Szpura / Rychlicki / Kurek), Piernikowski, Pierre Jodlowski, Adam Gołębiewski and Thomas R. Moore Trio, Polonka, Sebastian Cichocki, Sierść, Teoniki Rożynek & Żaneta Ry-dzewska, Tonfa, VTSS.

Project financed by the City of Warsaw.
PARTNERS: TR Warszawa | Klub SPATiF | Klub Pogłos | Komuna Warszawa