Artur Rumiński & Macio Moretti [PL]

  • concert
  • when: 30/09/2020 (), at: 21:25
  • where: Pardon To Tu
OUTERSPACE – Pierre Jodlowski, Adam Golebiewski, Thomas R. Moore
Pierre Jodlowski, composer and performer, develops projects mixing acoustic and electronic sources, as well as specific visual environments. For the opening of the concert, he will present Outerspace, a piece for solo trombone and video performed by Thomas R. Moore, member of Nadar Ensemble (Belgium). The trombonist’s movements being coordinated with the camera motion in the video, the audience discovers a cold, tight and uninhabitable space filled and congested with smog, blinding lights and, soon, avatars of the musician…
In the second part of this concert, 2 sets of improvised music : firstly with Adam Golebiewski (drums) and Pierre Jodlowski (electronics and electric bass). In this duo, the two artists are questioning the concept of rituals with harsh and noisy atmospheres. Adam Golebiewski’s approach of drums is often based on radical gesture, stroking and scraping, leading to a complex matter mixed with distorted bass and electronics sounds, Finally, Thomas R. Moore will join the 2 musicians for a final trio, including visuals.