• live
  • when: 30/09/2017 (Saturday), at: 23:00
  • where: Centrum koncertowe A2
  • tickets: 25/30 pln

A sour British extract in beat hues with a bit of a cut-up IDM charm. Music suitable for experimental dance. Inspired by acid, techno, punk, the London DJ and producer has been for the last seven years blending the borders between the genres, confirming his position on the electronic music scene. Without losing its party-like qualities, his work is raw, surprisingly meandering, devoided of any embellishments yet still has all the aspects that make it suitable for partying. A sour cocktail, beats that are appropriately thick and deep, cuts, cuttings and other cut-up efforts create a greenhouse environment for experimental dance. PS. He is despised by Steve Albini himself.