• concert
  • when: 01/10/2017 (), at: 21:00
  • where: Impart
  • tickets: 15/20 pln

Known through his work with Fennesz, Sunn O))), Otomo Yoshihide (AAF 2010) and Keiji Haino (AAF 2014, 2016), an accomplished experimentator who moves and transforms himself between the paths trodden by minimalism, improvisation, contemporary electronics and the physicality of rock music. In the creases of contemporary electronics, minimalism, improvisation and songwriting, Morton Feldman, Alvin Lucier and the physicality of rock, Oren Ambarchi has been consistently for years perfecting his style defined by individualism and perseverance. Esthetic tensions and variations that emerge are used in multi instrumental formulas marked by a semblance of reduction, equally precise and difficult to define within the existing, clear cut genre descriptions. Ambarchi worked with a variety of artists from Fennesz, Sunn O))), Keiji Haino, Keith Rowe, Jim O’Rourke to Ricardo Villalobos; his albums were issued by Touch, Mego, Southern Lord, Kranky or Tzadik among others.