• concert
  • when: 05/10/2017 (Thursday), at: 20:00
  • where: Pogłos
  • tickets: 30/35 pln

Rave extravagance based on an collision of club esthetics and the culture of waste. The essence of the information noise, smell of hot tarmac and a brutal charm of a late, weekend evening. Complete variation on the subject of color and recycling. Finally resuscitated cooperation between Kujawski (8Rolek) / Połoz (Deuce, Psychocukier), that in an efficient and intensive way, explores and connects the motifs of decay and bloom, waste and hi-tech industry. Twisted and colorful ideas, strength of the beat, agitation of everyday commotion, melodies of a creased and noisy kind. ‘Patamusic for a discerning audience, sculpting techno-structures out of information noise and extracting the most fermented parts of the club culture – still compatible with fierce dancing.