• concert
  • when: 02/10/2017 (Monday), at: 20:00
  • where: Grizzly Gin Bar
  • tickets: 30/40 pln

The classic Austrian trio will perform at AAF for the second time: precise, half-synthetic repetitions on the verge of post-rock and a distinctive art rock reduction: complicated machinery’s tender heart with a steady beat. Deeply humanistic fusion: precision of a mechanism on a collision course with operational “errors”; a discreet click of a cord being plugged in, a close-up of guitar micro-errors overpower precise, half-synthetic repetitions. Illustrative synesthesia of silent intensity and sounds recorded from the smallest distance possible. Additionally, the band members participate in projects like Trapist or Face the Facts (Martin Siewert), and collaborate with the most prominent artists of the contemporary exterritorial music scene like Otomo Yoshihide, John Tilbury, Fennesz or David Sylvian (Martin Brandlmayr.