• concert
  • when: 04/10/2017 (Wednesday), at: 22:00
  • where: Cafe Kulturalna
  • tickets: 25/35 pln

Return of a yass legend: the destruction of the jazz formula with intense interventions of psychedelic rock, occasional interjections of musique concrète, and a fertile collision of professionalism and enthusiasm. This yass giant is back with Mikołaj Trzaska, Olo Walicki, Piotr Pawlak, Macio Moretti. Associated with couple of insane albums and even crazier performances, they’re back, with fresh blood, to collide the energy of jazz formulas, psychedelic passages, trance inserts rooted in techno in a creative way. It’s a living proof that professionalism doesn’t contradict enthusiasm. Violent collisions of the classical genres’ traditional warmth, “raw trance of the section” and a sense of humor create an exit from closed off music categories.