• concert
  • when: 06/10/2017 (Friday), at: 21:00
  • where: Grizzly Gin Bar
  • tickets: 30/40 pln

Dean Blunt’s new project in a duet with DJ Escrow: in its form closer to (post?) hip-hop, intellectually still in the discrete realm of intimate and exploring chamber music. Dean Blunt will perform on the AAF stage for the third time – his new project, featuring DJ Escrow, is seemingly close to traditional hip-hop, but on the conceptual level surpasses artist’s previous work. Slow, full of political atmosphere of UK circa 2017 narration is accompanied by a bare-bones structure, heavy, dubbed beats with strong interference of samples, noises, distortions and other late-capitalistic insertions. The mood consistent with an early morning after a hard night in a decaying metropolis – ambulance sirens, screams and glass being broken are more sensed than heard.