• dj set
  • when: 07/10/2017 (Saturday), at: 02:30
  • where: Niebo
  • tickets: 40/45 pln

This classic of British techno of an industrial variety is the founder of the Downwards label; palpably inspired by early UK industrial, strong reduction of the sound, urban hypnotism. The founder (in 1993 – with Peter Hutton aka Female) of an influential Downwards label has been . artistically active for more than two decades. With steel determination and through countless incarnations, the artist examines the potential of techno music within its industrial dimension. Rooted in (post-)industrial of the 80s, this British DJ and producer examines the basis for multilevel reduction and hypnagogic spaces which, without losing their dance-inducing potential, are uncompromising, synesthetic, hypnotic.