Twilight + Mirai

  • movie
  • when: 09/10/2017 (Monday), at: 20:00
  • where: Kino Nowe Horyzonty
  • tickets: 10 pln

TWILIGHT/Towairaitsu (dir.Tengai Amano/Japan/1994/33’)

Underground film made by one of renowned theatrical artists. Oneiric story that echoes Lenica’s animations with a distinctive musical motif. Described as a “nostalgic roadmovie”, the film tells the surrealistic adventure of a young boy who refuses to admit his own death.

FUTURE/Mirai (dir. Adam Buczek/Japan/70’)

The story of Japanese fortune-tellers told by themselves exposing the true nature of the profession and shading light on their own lives. The film follows 3 distinct fortune-tellers who share their dreams and fears as if their were their own customers.

dir. Tengai Amano/Japan/1994/33’