• dj set
  • when: 07/10/2017 (Saturday), at: 01:00
  • where: Niebo
  • tickets: 40/45 pln

After couple years of silence, the British producer is back with new material for Ninja Tune: it’s a club music that is still at his most experimental yet: afrofuturism, electro/calypso, Detroit techno correlated with a precise amount of hum and scraping. The artist will show up at AAF with a DJ set. Concise, club formula of an afrofuturistic shade with an experimental edge. With his new album for Ninja Tune, the British artist clashes the mood of Detroit-techno, dark electro/calypso inclinations, characteristics of a portable player, hum and scraping in a concise and emotional way, presenting a collage style that has consistently deep beats. During this year’s AAF Actress will show up with a DJ set.