Toys’R’Noise [FR]

  • concert
  • when: 19/11/2016 (Saturday), at: 22:00
  • where: Klub UFF

As its name suggests, the band Toys’R'Noise made its music with toys and handmade instruments. Regarding the philosophy of the project, a comparison could be drawn between the band and Chapi Chapo but in fact the conception of the music is more adventurous (intellectuals would call it “free”)

Indeed, it is outside the box and finds its roots in the ambient industrial electro. A camouflaged disc par excellence, Toys’R'Noise often navigates in the ambient and the down-tempo and sometimes the music goes louder but without becoming hard. Sometimes, Toys’R'Noise takes a magic and hypnotic form in the way of Masters Musicians Of Bukkake, Kiss The Anus Of A Black Car or the Swans.

(Polski) Koncert we współpracy z Muzzix i Tandori records