Videomapping Thomas Zaderatzky [FR], Monsieur Nuage [FR], Emiko [PL], Adrian Jackowski [PL], William York [UK]

  • prezentacja rezydencja
  • when: 19/11/2016 (Saturday), at: 18:30
  • where: Akademia Sztuk Pięknych im. E. Gepperta we Wrocławiu

Video-mapping residency

The residency consists of five participating artists from three cities of Lille, Wroclaw and Leeds (ESK 2023): Thomas Zaderatzky (FR), Monsieur Nuage(FR), Emiko (PL) and Adrian Jackowski (PL) and William Your (UK).

In autumn, the Polish edition of the residency had creators working in Wroclaw with video mapping, the main tool of communication. Their results will be projected against a foreground of sculptures and installations prepared by the students of Academy of Fine Arts. In March 2017, the artists will meet again for 10 days in Lille, and will work on bringing the architecture of Lille into the video mapping project, within the framework of the European Heritage Days.

Artists Bio


Thomas Zaderatzky Independent Artist. He graduated from fine arts school, and is based in North of France. His work focuses on new media, installation and live act. With code, pixels, or solid shapes, he builds trans-disciplinary designs for music shows, festivals, dance and live acts or exhibitions. Co-founder of the digital art and VJ-ing collective Machine Sauvage

William York William York is an audio-visual artist often working under the alias Willis. His work focuses mainly on immersion and abstraction. Primary intentions are to challenge physical, emotional and mental capacities through somewhat discordant work. Soundscapes, field recordings and macro imagery are used by the artist, challenging the psychedelic aspects of nature that can be drawn from every day life.

VJ EMIKO / Emilia Gumańska – visual artist: video director, producer, camera operator, editor, vj

Projects by VJ Emiko, connecting body motives and its movement with graphical analog elements in a rank of symbols, belong to the category of experimental video art.
During the process of creation she uses videos based on her own scenarios, styling, and hand-made elements of stage decoration. Paying great attention to the shape and form of visualized form, she uses characteristic spatial structures, solids and installations of her own design. Minimalist images of a powerful emotional saturation effectively control the feelings of the viewer.

Monsieur Nuage French graphic designer, artist and VJ. He has been performing live video for more than 14 years and video mapping for the last couple years. Monsieur Nuage creates for various kinds of events such as big festivals or family video mapping in church! In his work he shows many faces, but he really like to play with colour and saturation as well as research old forgotten footage.


Adrian Jackowski  creator of digital media and interactive systems, graphic designer, animator, VJ. He studied computer graphics at Wroclaw School “Promocja”. Graduated from E.Geppert Academy of Art and Design in, Department Graphics and Media Arts.  Four years ago, Jackowski co-created an annual Polish festival of children’s animated film “Hello Echo”. He has been employed at the Audiovisual Technology Center as graphic VFX on the productions Happiness World and Loving Vincent, and currently as an implementer of projects and multimedia presentations. In his work, Jackowski follows mainstream art, new media and creative use of modern methods of image processing. His most important achievement of the last year was a successful defence of his master thesis, which was a multi-dimensional interactive audio-visual installation.

Rencontres Audiovisuelles Association Rencontres Audiovisuelles, founded in 1998 to disseminate culture and knowledge of the audio-visual arts, and to direct educational activities in the region of Nord-Pas-de-Calais. Activities include curating festivals, film screenings, conferences devoted to both art film, short film, animation, computer games, new technologies, video mapping. The association conducts workshops and research programs for supporting the most innovative artists in its areas of intervention.

(Polski) Prezentacja rezydencji video mappingu: Thomas Zaderatzky [FR], Monsieur Nuage [FR], Emiko [PL], Adrian Jackowski [PL], William York [UK] (we współpracy z Rencontres Audiovisuelles / A-i- R Wro). Partnerem wydarzenia jest Centrum Technologii Audiowizulanych we Wrocławiu.