“Mau Ka San” – Nao Nishihara and Paweł Romańczuk [JP/PL]

  • performance
  • when: 06/10/2016 (Thursday), at: 19:00
  • where: Studio Małe Instrumenty
  • tickets: Free

Nao Nishihara [JP]

Inspired by dadaism and classical music of Japan musical performer and installation-artificer, in his works using own-built instruments. Through developing movement-animated, half-autonomous sound machines he explores the bodily aspect of creating and performing music in it’s spatial/sound function. By building his sound installations Nao Nishihara sets his goal in awakening the sensitivity and openness towards environment by stimulating the primal curiosity for sound.

Paweł Romańczuk [PL]

Founder and leader of Małe Instrumenty (Small Instruments), experimentator, musicologist, collector and constructor/designer of instruments and sound counstructions. In his sonic quest he chooses to exploit an impulse of curiosity leading towards discovering a sound/spatial potential of forgotten, unusual and musically undiscovered instruments, such as toys.