Cécile Wesołowski [FR], Julien Boucq [FR]

  • vernissage
  • when: 17/11/2016 (Thursday), at: 18:30
  • where: Galeria MD_S

Julien Boucq
His art practice revolves around different media, arranging unexpected collections, such as streets named after Lille and experimenting with form and purpose. His projects are permeated by the poetry of the precarious.


Cécile Wesołowski
In Cecile Wesolowski’s practice, one enters a parallel universe humorously crafted to twist perceptions. In her recent installations, works revolve round the theme of light and its physicality through an evolutionary web of textures, between sculpture and craft. The delicate organic forms tend to magnify the use of rough materials such as iris film or rescue blankets, their vulgarity contrasting with the seductive sophistication of the effect.

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