Vox Machinatione

  • concert
  • when: 04/10/2015 (Sunday), at: 18:00
  • where: CeTA
  • tickets: free

A synergy of organic vocal improvisations with beat-based and experimental electronics, conjoined with elements of contemporary music; ambiental spaces, chiselled sound, postindustrial textures, an influence of antique horror movies and chamber music. Constructed especially for this occasion synthesizers, and amplified objects will clash against the sound of violin, oboe, cello, and visuals.

Responsible for this project are: Dariusz Jackowski (Centrum Technologii Audiowizualnych / Audiovisual Technology Centre), and Basque artist Ainara LeGardon, in cooperation with Róża Smółka (visuals, CeTA). Guest appearing in one of the compositions will be Kostas Georgakopulos.