Syndrome WPW

  • concert
  • when: 17/10/2014 (Friday), at: 22:00
  • where: Dworzec Świebodzki
  • tickets: 10 pln / 15 pln (*combo ticket)

Under this medical term, meaning an abnormal electrical conduction pathway of the heart, operates an electroidal project from Switzerland that from a postmodern rigor mortis brings out (with their camp sensibility) the music spectra that can be briefly described as apocalyptic-disco-electro-punk. With that, displaying perfect bravado, it breaks with the caustic image of an electronic musician, armed with laptop and hidden in the stage shadows: the Syndrome WPW concerts are the source of uninhibited sustainable energy. They worked, among others, with artists such as Keiji Haino or Dat Politcs.


Les Urbaines Festival showcase, curated by Patrick de Rham