Zeitkratzer feat Keiji Haino – “Tribute to Lou Reed”

  • concert
  • when: 09/10/2014 (Thursday), at: 21:00
  • where: Impart
  • tickets: 20 pln / 25 pln


This Berlin collective of improvisers and deconstructers, (founded in 1999), functions under the auspices of Reinhold Friedl. In their idiosyncratic work, the musicians of this project abandon any care for the genre, sound rules and other restrictions; working on grounds varying from noise, electronic to folk, while broadening their sound spectrum and instrumental techniques to the maximum degree. Zeitkratzer worked with contemporary music luminaries such as Karlheinz Stockhausen, Lamonte Young or Merzbow, and during this year’s edition of Avant Art Festival they will be performing with Keiji Haino and presenting their own version of Lou Reed’s „Metal Machine Music”. With the help of their new vocalist, they will perform new arrangements of the compositions from the „Songs” program.