POSTED: 13 October 2014

Unique performance for 14 people. Sign up now.

The Avant Art Festival invites you to participate in a unique performance by an outstanding Swiss dancer – Marie-Caroline Hominal.

In addition to the “Silver” performace (17 October, Dworzec Świebodzki) Marie-Caroline Hominal will also present her own interpretation of an allegoric tercet, that is a part of  the “Triumphs” cycle, “Triumph of Fame” by Francesco Petrarca (1304-1374), which describes stages of life based on juxtaposition of imponderabilia. Fame conquers Death, Fame is conquered by Time and Eternity. The artist invites her guests individually for a 15 minute long choreographic performance that is both intimate and full of emotions.

Only 14 people can experience this event. On Thursday, 16 October, between the hours 12.00-18.30 the participants will be able to experience the performance – one-on-one with art.

All interested in participating in the event should send an email to by 15 October, 15:00. First 14 people will receive an email with specififc time of the performance.

The event is a part of the Les Urbaines showcase that is included in the Avant Art Festival at Dworzec Świebodzki.17 October- performances by Marie-Caroline Hominal, Dimlite, AVE EVA, Syndrom WPW oraz Unleashed Ethernalhood.