• debate
  • when: 18/10/2014 (Saturday), at: 13:00
  • where: (Polski) Tajne Komplety
  • tickets: (Polski) Free

One of the key programming principles of the Avant Art Festival is presentation of varied musical and cultural projects that are open for collaboration within different groups. During the debate the emphasis will be on the connection between the academics and the underground- their abilities to influence one another and the educational impact of that collaboration.

Guests from Switzerland:
1. Franz Treichler (The Young Gods, DJ Salaud)
2. Patrick de Rham (Les Urbaines, Post Digital Cultures, Unleashed Eternalhood)
3. Serge Teuscher (LUFF Festival, Syndrome WPW, Midinette Records)
4. Thierry TT Namer (Headfun – Electron Festival Geneva, promoter, organizer)

Guests from Poland:
1. Paweł Hendrich (classically trained electroacoustic music composer; performed at Warszawska Jesień, Musica Electronica Nova and many other)
2. Hubert Kostkiewicz (promoter, organizer, musician, CRK)
3. Bartłomiej Kuźniak (co-creator of, spherical HD sound researcher & developer, composer, musician, studio-man )