Keiji Haino & Stephen O’Malley

  • concert
  • when: 12/10/2014 (Sunday), at: 22:00
  • where: Firlej
  • tickets: 20 pln / 25 pln

The meeting of the hyperactive drone/doom genius and the Japanese legend of psychedelia and improvisation. O’Malley, known from the projects like Sunn O))), Khanate, KTL or Nazoranai, for many years has been consistently exploring the regions of the lowest frequencies and poetry of the hardest sounds, adding new variations with known from contemporary music, post-spectral wave, elements of ambient and field recordings.

Keiji Haino, growing out of the experiences of the Japanese psychedelic scene (as a part of legendary Fushitsusha and Nijumu), has never been afraid of experimenting with any fraction of the extreme music improvisation. With this kind of conjunction we can expect a cathartic/convulsive psychodrama. Additionally – with the German Zeitkratzer ensemble-, Keiji Haino will perform a new rendition of „Metal Machine Music” by Lou Reed.


Koncert we współpracy z World Music Days WMD 2014 - wersja podstawowa jpg