How to Get Out of the Cage- A Year with John Cage (2012)

  • movie
  • when: 08/10/2014 (Wednesday), at: 19:00
  • where: Kino Nowe Horyzonty
  • tickets: 13 pln

From 1982 to 1992 Frank Scheffer worked with John Cage on many different occasions, which resulted in a unique archive of historical audio-visual material.

Based on this unique archive, including interviews, musical performances and images of different locations related to his life and work the filmmaker Scheffer created How to Get Out of the Cage—A Year with John Cage. Frank Scheffer wrote: “The famous artist Marina Abramovic introduced me to John Cage. She thought it would be worthwhile for me to get in touch with him and right she was! In June 1982 I did an hour-long interview with him without knowing how influential he was. He loved the fact that it was an interview without preconceptions. It dramatically changed my way of thinking. He had opened my mind!”

dir. Frank Scheffer/ - 2012/ 59’