DJ Salaud aka Franz Treichler

  • concert
  • when: 18/10/2014 (Saturday), at: 22:30
  • where: Dworzec Świebodzki
  • tickets: 25 pln / 30 pln (*combo ticket)

A project by Franz Treichler, who is known primarily as the leader of cult band ‘The Young Gods, designed not only for the fans of this accomplished group. After exploring different variations of music (composing the tracks for the modern dance performances, working as a producer and sound engineer, collaborating with various audiovisual artists, creating soundtracks for the silent films, documenting field recording music and everyday life of the Amazon tribes) the artist has emerged as a DJ for the discerning : breaking away from the archetype of a club emcee, he proposes a joined journey into the musical regions of extremes, he shows the bruitistic inclinations and invites us to contemplate the cathartic noise.