Dimlite / Dim Grimm

  • concert
  • when: 17/10/2014 (Friday), at: 00:00
  • where: Dworzec Świebodzki
  • tickets: 10 pln / 15 pln (*combo ticket)

From the beginning of his career in 2003, Dimlite has been compared to music virtuosos such as Daedalus or Flying Lotus Dimitri Grimm. In this erudite creativity, the inspiration comes from modern electronics but also from the icons of the outsider music scene like Neu, The Residents or Captain Beefheart. Modern hip hop intertwines with krautrock, funk, pop and creates an aura of a happy intergenre journey whilst maintaining the originality and personality of the artist.


Les Urbaines Festival showcase, curated by Patrick de Rham