• concert
  • when: 17/10/2014 (Friday), at: 20:30
  • where: Dworzec Świebodzki
  • tickets: 10 pln / 15 pln

This new musical incarnation of Gabriel Ghebrezghi (musician/producer), who previously performed (i.a.) as a part of the Oha Aho duet, consists of elaborate improvisations that are created on the basis of looped phrases. The artist is looking for more than trivial genres in order to create a new form of expression, uses sound collages, waves of different frequencies, various tappings, murmurs, whispers and melodies generated by the electronic microinstrument. With the use of raw material and stylistics based on the esthetics of lo-fi, Ave Eva conducts the research to find a new way of expressing his intuition.


Les Urbaines Festival showcase, curated by Patrick de Rham