(Polski) Rosja na AVANT ART FESTIVAL 2013!

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Avant Art recommends!

Discover European jazz of today:
JazzPlaysEurope: Laboratory 4
Take Five: Europe

24 November (Sat), 7pm /  Wrocławski Teatr Współczesny – Duża Scena

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ALPENGLOW III / Graz & Styria meets Wrocław

ALPENGLOW III / Graz & Styria meets Wrocław is an international improvised music summit mixing leading players from Styria in Austria with a wide range of top-draw musicians from Wrocław / Poland. Embracing a true spirit of experimentation, this extended weekend of performance will mix many artists who, until now, have never shared a stage together to create unexpected and unpredictable results. More…

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(Polski) 5. AVANT ART „Niemcy” – pierwsze relacje z festiwalu

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Avant Art Festival showcases in Berlin and Cologne!

The 5th edition of AVANT ART FESTIVAL is already behind us. The biggest celebration of German music and art took place between October 2-7 in Wrocław; the celebration which included performances by, among others, the music legend – DAF, Moritz von Oswald trio, Denseland or the Raster-Noton and Project: Mooncircle label artists. However, this is not the end. Avant Art crosses the country borders for the first time. After the September presentation during the Berlin Music Week, this time it will present its showcases in Berlin (16.10) and Cologne (18, 19.10). The presentations of the festival abroad are a part of the “Avant Art Festival Polen – Niemcy” project, which is aimed at promoting Polish-German co-productions which were created especially against the order of the Avant Art foundation.

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