About the festival

Avant Art Festival – international presentations of experimental and avant-garde art, including unique and non-trivial cultural phenomena. The AAF stage holds performances by the geneticists of music and performative arts – explorers and inventors of new hybridic forms, drawing with their hand fulls from any available levels; people who destroy the listeners, and spectators, habits and on their remains – form new and surprising variations, sometimes nothing short of new genres.

Avant Art Festival is, by presumption, a festivity of artistic eclecticism – experiment in art are not limited in any way – the thing that matter is the quality of the creations.

This year Avant Art Festival will, once again, surprise the audience. The 4th edition will take place in the following dates 29.09-02.10, 07.10-08.10.2011, under the banner of Switzerland – it will be the first, such a rich, presentation of that regions art, in our country. Traditionally, we will witness performances by international artists as well.

The unquestionable leaders of the Swiss avant-garde art will presents themselves in Wrocław. Stéphane Vecchione, drummer of the cult act Velma, will perform with his unique performance; the group of lunatics from MIR, will combine all the trends of the 80s and 90s; OY will take the listeners on a journey with a vehicle constructed from her voice; Dimlite will point us to the new paths in modern electronics; Papiro will redefine the notion of sound avant-garde; Sudden Infant will prove, that the aesthetics of noise is not only the noise alone; the Reverse Engineering collective will present the dark corners of predatory hip-hop; Syg Bass will the notion of musical eclecticism a new meaning, while Strotter Inst., with the help of his turntables, will create new worlds. The dancer, Alexandra Bachzetsis will invite the spectators to a dance essay on a modern vision of feminity, the magicians of Minimetal will perform in two acts, and the performers of Deviation, resorting to the characteristics of the spacey BWA Awangarda gallery, will create its audial image.

The supplement of this wide presentation of Swiss artists, will be a collaborative Polish-Swiss dance and music project IN BETWEEN, Dance and Music Destroyer – Man Born out of M.A.D.D.

The presentations of international arts will be as rich and interesting as the above mentioned. The most important person of the neo-folk scene, David Tibet, of the cult-group Current 93, will combine his skills with the math-rockers of ZU, under the moniker of ZU93; the outstanding producer, Kevin Martin, will perform as The Bug – a project presenting the dark side of the dance floor, and our country men from 2g will invite the audience to a hypnotising and trance-like sound ritual, while Pal Frenak’s company will introduce the aforementioned audience to the arcanes of a new language in theatre and movement.

Avant Art Festival is an important voice in the festival world of art and a platform for presenting a carefully selected artists, from diverse circles and environments. It is a brave, international event which was brought into being by Kostas Georgakopulos – musician, publisher, producer and the New Horizons Music Stage artistic director.

- It is very difficult to find an act which is easy to label, during the Avant Art Festival. We want to surprise and amaze, put the spectator in an opposition to the wide-spread schematics and the classical attitude towards art. We might say, that the rejection of traditions becomes a tradition, canon – the breaking of canons, convention – the lack of conventions. Our game is diversity, multi-genre and we are open for everything, which is genuine – Kostas Georgakopulos comments.

The organizer of the festival is the foundation