Germany at AVANT ART 2012!

We announce with great pleasure, that the 5th edition of Avant Art Festival will take place between October 2nd-7th in Wroclaw, under the banner of art from Germany.

- We are more and more interested in co-production and art animator activities. We co-produce 8 Polish-German project as a part of AAF 2012. This gives us freshness and vitality, creates “connections” and “continuations”, however Music will always be most important for us and it will be present in all the project, which we will present during Avant Art Festival 2012 – announces Kostas Georgakopulos, the Avant Art director.

More information soon!

Audiomanufacture, Gazmo Project and Q600 will make it louder!

On Saturday, October 8th, 2011, THE BUG performed, on the T-Mobile Stage, during the Avant Art final. The show by Kevin Martin feat. Flowdan and Daddy Freddy has gathered throngs of people, and confirmed the pertinence of choosing the Pasaż Pokoyhof – a new space of Wroclawian meetings, in the heart of the city. After THE BUG, three amazing performances, by the laureates of the T-Mobile Music and Avant Art contest “Make it louder during the Avant Art Festival” [Zrób głośniej na Avant Art Festival], took place. We saw Audiomanufacture and GAZMO Project, soon followed by Q600.

We’d like to thank the winners greatly, for their enthusiasm, freshness and commitment. We are also very glad that, in cooperation with T-Mobile Music, we can support such talented and courageous creators from the Polish music scene. We will have a close look at their future endeavours and support them on the road to success.

Post-AVANTgarde thanks

We’d like to thank all the attendees of the 4th edition of the Avant Art Festival: the wonderful and demanding audience, unique artists, our patrons, partners, media patrons, volunteers and all the individuals committed to the organization of the festival. We’d also like to invite you to next years edition – in 2012 AAF will take place under the banner Poland/Germany.

Feel free to take a look at the Swiss edition’s gallery.
Edgar de Poray is the author of all the pictures.

The international part of Avant Art Festival is commencing!

After the exploratory, and rich in unique artistic events, weekend with the Swiss art, it is time for avant-garde in a international dimension. 2g, a unit well-known after the previous edition, will perform today (07.10.2011), followed by Vienna Sounds – and evening with sounds straight from Austria. Broken Heart Collector will present some fascinating and eclectic music – elegant, sophisticated and well thought over, captivatingly emotional, but in at the same time – harsh, industrial, brutal and full of cynicism. These are chanson style songs, however, performed in a experimental and noise-rock way. A DJ duo, Cid Rim & The Clonious, together with a energetic dose of hop-hop, funk and offbeat, will appear as a part of the Vienna Sounds.
On the final day, Saturday, October 8th, we’d like to invite all the fans of dubtronics, to a fete with Kevin Martin.
See you there!

The final of the AVANT ART FESTIVAL, with THE BUG, this Saturday in the Pasaż Pokoyof!

On the nearest Saturday, October 8th 2011 in Wroclaw (Pasaż Pokoyof,  św. Antoniego 2-4), our star performance of this year’s Avant Art Festival – Kevin Martin with the project THE BUG. The London-based artists will perform on the T-Mobile Music stage, which will also see the appearances of the winners of the “Make it louder during the Avant Art Festival” [Zrób głośniej na Avant Art Festival] contest (Audiomanufacture, GAZMO Project, Q600). The Bug’s concert will be preceded by Pal Frenak’s performance.

“Switzerland rules” – a report from the first weekend of the AAF

We have left the long weekend with Switzerland, as a part of the Avant Art Festival, behind. During four days of the festival, it was possible to see musicial installations, performanes and concerts of the artistis bohema straight from the Alps. Music performances by Minimetal, Strotter Inst., Papiro, Reverse Enginnering, Sudden Infant or Oy, have shown that, the small and unexplored Switzerland is a huge space for the avant-garde art, and that Avant Art is a unique festival.

We invite you over for the fourth day of the Avant Art Festival

Today, the incredible Oy, i.e. Joy Frempong, will perform at 22:15 in the CS Impart. Earlier on (at 21:15) – noise dadaism, actionism and punk by hand of Sudden Infant and the performance entitled Eddy, realized by Stephane Vecchione, the drummer of the band Velma (18:30, BWA Awangarda).

Changes in the programme!

We inform, with regret, that Dimlite’s show, planned for October 1st and Alexandra Bachzetsis’ performance, planned for October 2nd, won’t take place. The artists cancelles their appearances due to personal reasons.
The tickets can be returned at the place of purchase.

At the same time, we present a new artist, who will perform on October 1st, 22:30. It will be Benjamin Fay, originating from Switzerland, known as Benfay.

IN BETWEEN – and international premiere for 99 people

Today, as a part of AAF, an international premiere entitled IN BETWEEN. Dance And Music destroyer – man born out of M.A.D.D , will take place – the result of a Polish-Swiss cooperation and one of the most interesting projects of this year’s edition of the festival. The spectacle will take place in CS Impart, at 20:00; for the first 99 people to turn up at the venue.

It is them who will perform after The Bug!

“The fantastic four of diverse musical provenience”, “an experimental audio-visual project” and a DJ “focused on a hipnotic motoric” are the laureates of the T-Mobile Music portal and Avant Art’s contest. As a reward, the winners will perform on October 8th, for the final of Avant Art, just after the show by Kevin Martin i.e. The Bug.

More detailed information can be found on the portal T-Mobile Music